3H Commercial Cleaning Services 
Where Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

Products and Services

At 3H we provide a wide range of products and services to meet your everyday need.


 We use the very best green cleaning products and services to keep your business clean and safe for you your customers and your employees we use high-filtration vacuums, micro-fiber dust mops, and all non harmful green cleaning chemicals and solutions, to not only keep your business sanitized but also to make it a safer enviorment.
  1. Basic Cleaning
    With well trained workers and years of cleaning experience we guarantee to handle your business with professionalism, cleanliness, and quality,we use the best products and cleaners to make your business shine.
    Basic Cleaning consist of: sweeping, moping, vacuuming, cleaning all rest rooms, break rooms, tables, chairs, desktops, empty trash, cleaning glass doors, mats, magazine racks, and water fountains.
  2. Window Cleaning
    With Our 1rst Class Window Cleaning we are sure to make your home or business place shine like brand new with top notch products and solutions no job is to hard for 3H.
    Window Cleaning consist of Windows Inside Outside Storm Glass Windows Grids Glass Doors Screens Sun Rooms also.
  1. Floor Maintenance
    With our top notch floor Machines and cleaning products we will make even the roughest floor look like brand new.
    Floor Maintenance consist of: Stripping, Buffing, Waxing, Scrubbing, Refinishing, and Spot removal,
  2. Carpet Care
    We clean carpets to perfection with our heavy duty machines and chemicals we will get the dirt out a leave your business sparkling.
    Carpet Care consist of: Shampooing, Spot removal, and steam cleaning.
  3. Specialty Services
    We go over and beyond the norm to make sure every need is met, try our Specialty Services to meet your cleaning need.
    Specialty Services consist of: Move-In Move-Out Services, Trash removal, Out-Side clean up, and Lot checks.
  4. The Contract
    To start the bidding process we first schedule a meeting with each client so that we can lean about their need and preference.
    We then devise a plan to schedule regular cleaning of every inch of each office space regularly and thoroughly at a fair price to meet the specific need of each client. Here at 3H Commercial Cleaning Services LLC. We provide cleanliness, hard work ethic, professionalism, and excellence, to keep your company spotless, so you can concentrate on keeping your company running. 3H Commercial Cleaning Services Where cleanliness is next to Godliness
  5. 3H Bundle For Your Buck
    Please be sure to ask about our Bundle package its convenient, efficient, and also its pricing is very reasonable and it helps you save money.
    Bundle consist of: 3 or more services bundled together at a more reasonable price.
"We will clean your business like its our own - to perfection"