Rules for Professional Office Cleaning

Rules for effective office cleaning

Do you want never to think about the office’s cleanliness again? Do you want to avoid wasting your employees’ time on inappropriate activities? Organising and getting quality professional office cleaning is not difficult at all. It’s just a few clicks for a monthly subscription. And the rest we will do – responsibly, qualitatively and professionally.
But to have an easy and correct relationship, we have developed several rules for professional office cleaning.

Why do we need to have rules for professional cleaning?

The rules for professional cleaning relate primarily to how we organise our work in your office. Specific requirements and clear commitments on our part – our experience shows that such cooperation is pleasant and functional for all. These rules allow us to organise the cleaning to avoid interfering with your work. We want to respond adequately and quickly to your needs, even when they change.

Rule 1: Clear services for professional office cleaning

Our first rule is related to the clear and specific list of commitments you want us to make: cleaning floors and various surfaces with a vacuum cleaner or detergents, dusting, cleaning furniture and windows, cleaning kitchens, standard and sanitary facilities, disinfection of consumables and facilities, garbage disposal, etc.

Rule 2: Specified time for professional cleaning of offices

It is good to specify the time at which to perform the cleaning. Choose specific hours for professional cleaning:

  • in the morning until 9:00 AM (before your working hours)
  • the evening after 6:00 PM (after your working hours)
  • Saturday and Sunday (outside your working hours)

Also, choose specific days to visit the office – one or more days weekly or daily.

Rule 3: Flexibility

Of course, you can change your subscription packages and additional services for professional office cleaning if needed. You must state it in advance to react promptly and get the same quality professional office cleaning.

Rule 4: Perfect professional cleaning

Our last rule is: you always get a perfect professional cleaning from trained, experienced and responsible employees. No compromises, and at a great price.

Features of the procedures performed by good cleaning companies

When it comes to heavily soiled and particularly delicate surfaces, the use of professional cleaning companies is incomparable in terms of the quality of the result. We cannot achieve the same level of cleanliness with home remedies. Not at the same time and with equal attention to contaminated materials.

What’s different?

Large-scale office cleaning

The difference in the results achieved by professional cleaning companies is mainly due to the specialised equipment used in performing the cleaning procedures. Whether a kitchen corner or living room sofa with textile upholstery, it matters how it is cleaned – by hand or with a professional washing extractor.
Experience combined with high competence also has an impact on the result. Which preparation is the most suitable in this case? At what depth is it permissible to work, etc.?

The difference in the activities of specialised cleaning companies is in the effort to avoid even minimal damage to the treated surfaces. Whether it is an expensive carpet, living room furniture, marble counter top and modern office equipment, the goal is to keep them perfectly clean, with absolutely no damage.
The main difference in the cleaning performed by a professional company is the financial value of the operation. Price is essential for lower and middle-income households, which is why most people still avoid using the specialised services of established companies.

Why is it worth investing in professional service?

If you have tried to clean your apartment or office after renovation, you probably know how difficult it is to dust the premises and the furniture in them. The cost of time and energy is enormous, and the effect of the operation is far from desirable.

Hiring the company to do it for you is the right decision because money is, first and foremost, a means by which we can afford to hire specialists instead of trying to achieve the cleanliness that a cleaning company would achieve. To point out, it is difficult and almost impossible with ordinary home remedies.
Professional service is undoubtedly the better option, even when it comes to basic spring cleaning, washing upholstered furniture, mattresses and cleaning floors.

People increasingly realise the convenience of hiring a professional company instead of wasting energy and long hours trying to achieve at least an average level of cleanliness in their homes and offices.

Why is it more profitable to pay for professional cleaning?

Quality home cleaning is challenging, and the situation becomes even more complicated when you have young children and pets. You should do basic cleaning more than twice a year, and of sufficient quality. Postponing it is unthinkable because it endangers the health of the inhabitants. If we do not have enough time, we can always order professional cleaning from a company.

It is not true that we are wasting money by paying for company service. The truth is that in this way, we save not only money but also valuable time and unnecessary effort. Do you find it amazing? No, this is a real opportunity you can take advantage of immediately.

To clean well, we need a vacuum cleaner, brushes, mops, microfibre towels, gloves, detergents, polishing conditioners, etc. Since we rarely buy them at once, we don’t think about how much of our budget goes for consumables. The cleaning companies use their equipment and hygiene products, which are highly modern and from a proven manufacturer. Of course, they include them in the price of the service, but it turns out to be a more cost-effective solution. Instead of repairing or buying a new vacuum cleaner because we have damaged our own, the flooring can be washed and dried with a multifunctional appliance.

The damage from inexperience

How many of us have left our favourite upholstered furniture in a helpless state in an attempt to clean it? Unaware of the requirements of different materials and chemicals to remove individual stains, we often use inappropriate detergents. They wear out, bleach and even tear the upholstery, while cleaning has taken a lot of effort. You will need additional upholstery tools that you would save by ordering professional cleaning.